Ladies Footwear

Shoes/Sandals for summer


This page contains our shoes and sandals for spring and summer

(also available during winter months for travellers)

ODELLE by Stegmann

Lovely dress shoe/sandal, wear with slacks or skirt, black leather upper, natural look heel

Our price $129.95 (rrp $149.95)

FAE by Eos

Sleek looking slide/mule in gorgeous brandy leather, small wedge, rubber sole

Our price $129.95

CUBBS by Eos

Elegant punched leather dress sandal in brandy leather

Made in Portugal

Our price $129.95 (rrp $179.95)


Gorgeous soft leather, velcro closure, block heel with rubber, brandy colour

Made in Portugal

Our price $129.95 (rrp $179.95)

LUCA by Valeria Grossi

Lovely soft leather in mustard colour with decorative edging

Our price $79.95 (rrp $129.95)

ZED by Stegmann

Soft coconut leather upper and lining

Made in Turkey

Our Price $109.95 (rrp $149.95)

COOK by Valeria Grossi

Stylish transeasonal shoe in pretty textured blue leather with pearl detail, rubber sole

Our price $139.95 (rrp $169.95)


Woven textured leather upper in navy with small wedge heel on rubber sole

Our Price $129.95 (rrp $149.95)

BESS by Eos

Dress slide in lovely soft black leather

Made in Portugal

Our Price $149.95 (rrp $179.95)

TARA by Bueno

Classic t-bar sandal in lovely navy leather, low block heel

Our Price $129.95 (rrp $149.95)

JONI by Eos

Classic go-to dressy sandal, lovely textured brandy leather upper with leather lining

Heel height 45mm, made in Portugal

Our price $159.95 (rrp $179.95)

EMMA by Effegie

Beautiful soft leather upper in navy on popular mid height wedge heel

Made in Porgtugal

Our price $149.95 (rrp $179.95)

PADDY by Bueno

Flattering style sandal with a little bling, wedge heel

Darkstone leather with mouton gold trim

Our Price $129.95 (rrp $149.95)


Leather with block heel in 2 colours, black and cameo

Made in Turkey

Our price $149.95 (rrp $179.95)

RUBY by Bueno

Simply gorgeous in 3 colours – red, cameo, black

Made in Turkey

Our Price $149.95 (rrp $169.95)

CARTIER by Bueno

Such a great shoe for work or weekend, block heel, soft leather, velcro tab

Red leather (36, 37, 40) and Mouton Gold leather

Made in Turkey

SALE: Last pairs $90 (rrp $169.95)

UDO by Bueno

Stunning dress shoe, leather upper and lining, 7.5cm heel with comfort!

Navy, hat and black colours

Made in Turkey

SALE: $109.95 (rrp $179.95)

OGGLE by Stegmann

Comfortable height heel, buckle fastening, neutral leather colour with cutout upper

Our price $129.95 (rrp $149.95)

SONNY by Stegmann

Transeasonal shoe on small heel with covered toes, nude colour leather

Our price $129.95 (rrp $149.95)

SILENT by Stegmann

Transeasonal shoe on small heel with covered toes, hat colour leather

Our price $129.95 (rrp $149.95)

OLIVE by Stegmann

Elegant and easy to wear with a 5 mm block heel, pair with just about anything

Our price $149.95 (rrp $169.95)

KOLLAP by Stegmann

Comfy slip on, leather in hat colour, removable insole

Our price $109.95 (rrp $149.95)

RACEY by Bueno

Soft brown leather espadrille, toes covered

SALE: $60 (rrp $139.95)

ROYAL by Bueno

Soft brown leather espadrille, toes open

SALE $60 (rrp $139.95)

LAVA by Bueno

Soft brown leather espadrille

SALE $60 (rrp $139.95)

DIXIE by Darkwood

Fabulous lace-up leather shoe in white/silver, padded insole

(Also in black)

Our Price $120 (rrp $139.95)

PEARLE by Bueno

Very pretty with generous fit in silver highlight colour, day or evening wear

SALE $90 (rrp $149.95)

CORONA by Bueno

Silver, navy, cameo and black leather, soft upper with excellent outsole

Made in Turkey

Our Price $119.95 (rrp $149.95)


A winner … so comfortable!

Navy, black, cameo colours

Made in Turkey

Our price $149.95

KARTRESS by Stegmann

Jeans blue leather, super comfy

Our price $139.95 (rrp $159.95)

WONDER by Bueno

Leather upper in light grey, white outsole

Our Price $119.95 (rrp $169.95)

REBAS by Stegmann

Navy leather upper with white outsole

Open top with no laces for ease of fitting

Our Price $80 (rrp $159.95)

PARTISAN by Stegmann

Casual slip on in soft white leather

Our Price $99.95 (rrp $149.95)

PANCHO by Stegmann

Casual slip on in soft navy leather

Our Price $100 (rrp $159.95)

PATIENT by Stegmann

Casual slip on with soft leather upper in black

Our Price $90 (rrp $139.95)

PEPPA by Stegmann

Very popular slip on with soft upper leather

Hat, blue, black, navy, ice colours (limited sizes)

Our Price $90 (rrp 159.95)

STAYTON by Stegmann

This popular shoe is back and with another colour

Now in black and pewter, covered toes, comfortable heel

Our price $129.95

lewis black

LEWIS by Stegmann

Lovely dress sandal in black leather

Our price $129.95

ODETTE by Bueno

Great little shoe with pointed toe shape, soft leather

Black (size 37 only)

Made in Portugal

Our Price $90 (RRP $149.95)

ALLURE by Simona Ricci

Dress sandal to go with anything in pewter, wedge heel

SALE $50 (Our price $79.95)

agatha white and black

AGATHA by Stegmann

Pretty leather cut shoe, zip at rear

Now available in black and white

SALE: $80 (Our price $139.95)


MALIN2 by Valeria Grossi

Pretty sandal in beige/tan

SALE $90 (Our price $129.95)

effegie isla black

ISLA by Effegie

Another version of this popular wedge sandal in black leather

Made in Portugal

Our price $149.95

paula urban tan and nude toffee

PLANET by Paula Urban

Popular, comfortable, soft leather

2 colours: nude/toffee and tan/brown

Made in Spain

Our price: $149.95

milly cream

MILLY by Modelle

Popular slide, cream leather

Made in Turkey

SALE: $90 (Our price: $149.95)

maddy blue

MADDY by Modelle

Blue leather flat, lovely quality

Made in Turkey

Our price: $139.95

PARKER by Miss M

Comfy soft leather slide in lovely light blue (anar)

SALE $49.95 (rrp $119.95)

laura vita bibi rouge

BIBI by Laura Vita

Very pretty rouge leather slide for those who like something different

Made in France

Our price: 149.95

COMO by Bare Traps

Affordable slide with 55 mm mid wedge height in 4 colours, great everyday wear

Red, White, Taupe, Black

SALE $30 (limited supply) Our Price $49.95

enviro sandal

LAVANDA by Natural World

Eco friendly shoe with solid construction

Made in Spain

SALE: $80 (was our price $119.95)effegie mojo black

MOJO by Effegie

Popular style with soft leather and cushioned footbed

SALE: $90 (rrp $129.95)

lois black

LOIS by Stegmann

Comfy black leather sandal

SALE $50 (Our price: $109.95)

bueno mac scissors

MAC by Bueno

Neutral colour dress sandal to go with anything

Available up to size 44

Made in Turkey

SALE $70 (Our price $139.95)

miss m peggy scissors

PEGGY by Miss M

Neutral dress sandal to go with anything

Available up to size 44 (41 & 42 also in navy)

SALE $70 (Our price $139.95)

baretraps dolce x 3

DOLCE by Baretraps

Leather sandals with enclosed back in white, gold and black

Made in Italy

Our price $109.95 

bare traps electra black and pewter

ELECTRA by Baretraps

Sparkly and comfortable for any occasion

In black and pewter

SALE $50 (Our price $69.95)

bare traps ash white

ASH by Baretraps

Pretty and affordable

SALE $50 (Our price $69.95)

bare traps roxanne champagne and navy

ROXANNE by Baretraps

Comfy wedge heel in champagne and navy

SALE $50 (Our price $69.95)

bare traps lila

LILA by Baretraps

Soft foot bed, maybe for Nan of the bride?

SALE $60 (Our price $109.95)

bare traps savona black pewter

SAVONA by Baretraps

Comfy and affordable in black/pewter

SALE $40 (Our price $59.95)

bare traps bossy denim and white

BOSSY by Baretraps

Cute sandal in 2 colours, denim and white

SALE $50 (Our price $89.95)

bare traps susie black and red

SUSIE by Baretraps

Casual and affordable in black and red

SALE $40 (Our price $59.95)

prize x 3

PRIZE by Baretraps

Sparkling finish on comfy wedge heel, suitable for any occasion

3 colours: black, metallic, navy(7 & 8only)

SALE $40 (Was $59.95)


FIORELLA by Baretraps

Black leather with silver detail

Made in Italy

SALE $60  ($79.95)

rochelle black

ROCHELLE by Baretraps

Great little black sandal on wedge heel

SALE $40 (Was $59.95)

remy black silver

REMY by Baretraps

Black and silver, stretchy over top of foot

SALE $40 (Was $59.95)

ucay pistachio

UCAY by Bueno

Gorgeous “pistachio” for that pop of colour for your outfit

Lovely soft leather, limited supply

SALE: $70 (rrp $149.95)

bueno j1805

Style J1805 by Bueno

Soft leather and with good over foot coverage

For work or weekend – note press stud fastening not velcro

(darkstone 35, 41, 42 and black 35, 36, 37)

SALE $70 


ILDIOS by Effegie

Popular leather sandal on wedge heel, soft leather

Black (38, 41) and Taupe (37, 38, 39, 41) only

Made in Portugal

SALE $99.95 (Our price: $149.95)


PALY BY Effegie

Lovely casual flat with soft leather and comfy fit

Soft blue 

Made in Portugal

SALE $60 (Our price $109.95)


SLIDE by Frank/e

Glamorous leather slide in black/white stripe

SALE $60 (Our price $109.95)



Day or night slide in black/pony

SALE $60 (Our price $109.95)

aeris white

AERIS by Effegie

White leather with solid rubber sole

SALE: $50 (was our price: $109.95)


TUR by Effegie

Lace up leather walking shoes with cut outs for ventilation

Lovely soft leather, two colours: sky blue and beige

SALE: $80 last pairs (rrp $139.95)


INTO by Effegie

Popular style, comfy fit with velcro fastening, removable insole

Two colours: black and taupe (limited supply)

SALE $80 (Our price $99.95)

odette x 3

ODETTE by Frank/e

Vibrant colours in silver, white and champagne

Leather walking shoe with removable insole and rubber sole

Sensational with jeans!

SALE: $90 last pairs (rrp $139.95)

culp nude

CULP by Stegmann

Lace up shoe with round cut outs for warm weather

(Great insole with softness and good arch support)

Nude colour, size 37, 38 only

SALE: $99.95 (rrp $139.95)
rubin white and deep ocean

RUBIN by Stegmann

Slip on leather walking shoes with white sole

In white and navy – weekends, after work …. here we come

SALE: $80 last pairs (rrp $149.95)

elliott red and black

ELLIOTT by Stegmann

Soft leather lace up walking shoes in red and black

Our price $99.95


ROSE by Miss M

Black leather, elegant dress shoe

(last pair size 38)

SALE: $40


MOSHI by Stegmann

Comfortable height wedge heel with velcro fastening, leather

Black only

SALE $70 (Our price $109.95)


MARLO by Bueno/Miss M

Navy/brown and Black/brown

SALE $50 (Our price $109.95)

sasha 4 colours

SASHA by Bueno

(limited supply)

Lovely soft leather on a wedge heel, made in Turkey

SALE: $60 (RRP $149.95)

bueno inca black

INCA by Bueno

Lovely soft leather, wedge heel, mostly covered toe area

Made in Turkey

Black only (40, 41)

SALE $90 (Our price: $109.95)


ARTI by Valeria Grossi

Beautiful for day or night

Our price $139.95


PAIL by Paula Urban

Made in Spain

Our price $149.95

vg black

COSIN by Valeria Grossi

Gorgeous soft leather, elegant, black colour

Now: $149.95

relax wedge sandal 1

Wedge sandal (198-101) by Relaxshoe

Superb quality leather sandal in navy/brown

SALE: $90 (was our price $119.95)

relax wedge sandal 2

Wedge sandal (198-102) by Relaxshoe

Elegant and comfortable in neutral colours

SALE: $90 (was our price $119.95)

relaxshoe sandalo

SANDALO by Relexshoe

Soft suede upper with soft footbed on wedge heel

SALE $80 (Our price $99.95)

vg taupe heel strapMacki by Valeria Grossi

Beautiful soft leather in taupe

SALE: $80 (was our price $129.95)

vg taupe slip on

Astin by Valeria Grossi

Super comfortable slide with heel

Lovely soft leather in nude

Our price $129.95

fuda black

FUDA by Magnini

Lovely soft leather on comfortable height wedge

Last pair 38

SALE $99.95 (was our price $149.95)


VINO by Simona Ricci

Elegant court shoe with peep toe (non leather)

Our price $59.95

toko simona ricci

TOKO by Simona Ricci

Looking for an affordable wedding shoe?

Elegant, small heel, pewter colour to go with almost anything

SALE $50 (Our price $69.95)

magic simona ricci

MAGIC  by Simona Ricci

Black stiletto (non leather)

Our price $69.95

vg work shoe

Arlie by Valeria Grossi

Fabulous work shoe or all day comfy flat (almost) with hidden wedge

Our Price $129.95

vivi tan white

VIVI by Boston Belle

Beautiful leather sandal 

Tan/White also available in Tan/Tan

Made in Spain

SALE $80 (Our price $119.95)

italian sandal avena

JSM 73413

Leather sandal in gun metal 

Great option for older ladies needing comfort and elegance 

Made in Italy

Our price $119.95

spanish sandal black

Maloix 52459

Pewter and black leather

Will fit a wide foot

Made in Spain

Our price $99.95

bes vg black navy

BES by Valeria Grossi 

In navy and black 

SALE $80 (Our price $129.95)

jayce black

JAYCE by Stegmann

Also available in red taupe and ivory 

Popular adjustable sandal, removable insole for orthotics

SALE $80 (Our price $109.95)

bare traps sandals orange and black

SAVONA by Bare Traps

Made in Italy

Stretchy top and back with comfy fit, wedge heel

black (38), orange multi and now black/pewter

SALE $40 ($59.95)

bare traps sparkle wedge x2

MESSINA by Bare Traps

Comfortable and sparkly – day or night

Wedge heel, stretchy top and back

Made in Italy

SALE $60 ($79.95)

rosa three sandals

ROSA by Bare Traps

One of our best sellers repeated

Very pretty and comfortable, stretchy, fits almost any foot

(tan multi 7, blue multi 7, black various)

SALE $40 ($59.95)


BODRUM by Inuovo

Gorgeous teal coloured sandal (more green than blue)

Made in Turkey

Beautiful soft leather

SALE $30 (Our price $79.95)

sea miss m

SEA by Miss M

Comfortable black sandal with rear zip opening

Sizes 37 to 41

SALE $50 (Our price $99.95)


ARCHIE by Stegmann

Great everyday sandal

SALE $40 (Our price $79.95)


VIVI by Boston Belle

Beautiful and elegant Spanish sandal

Also in tan/white

SALE $80 (Our price $119.95)


FORMA by Boston Belle

Made in Spain

Velcro attachment behind buckle

SALE $80 (Our price $119.95)

jayce 3

JAYCE by Stegmann

Easy to wear sandal with velcro adjustment

Available in 4 colours – red, taupe, black and ivory

SALE $80 (Our price $109.95)


CORIO by Eos

Black lace-up walking shoe

Our price $129.95


CORI by Eos

Slip on walking shoe, leather lined, removable insole

Our price $99.95


FREE by Frank/e

Lightweight walking shoe with good over foot support

Our price $109.95


APPLE by Stegmann

Comfy leather walking shoe with plenty of cut outs for extra breathability in hot weather

SALE $50 (Our price $89.95)

saku green saaku pink

SAKU by Scribbler

Great price for a lightweight walking shoe (limited stock)

SALE: $30


ALVIE by Stegmann

Lightweight leather with covered toes


Our price $89.95


JAK by Stegmann

Easily adjustable sandal

black and light blue 

Our price $89.95


THOMAS by Stegmann

Our price $79.95

Effegie Palais taupe white

PALIS by Effegie


Super comfortable soft leather

Our Price $119.95

EOS Graca Black Croc


Black Croc

Elegant and perfect for day or night

Our Price $129.95

EOS Maite



Leather upper and lining

Rubber sole, fairly wide fit

Our Price $99.95


JOAN by Valeria Grossi

Nude and Black

Very comfortable leather sandal with textured strap

SALE $40 (Our Price $69.95)

vg geri white

GERI by Valeria Grossi

Cute white sandal in leather with cut out detail

SALE $40 (Our price $69.95)

vg Malissa nude white

MALISSA by Valeria Grossi


Very soft laser cut leather upper with cushioned inner sole for comfort

Our Price $129.95


ELKA by Valeria Grossi

Very comfortable leather sandal 

Also available in black

Now: $69.95

melissamelisa grey

MELISSA by Rosetta

Leather lining and sock 

Grey or black

Very comfortable at a great price

Was $49.95 now only $30

lantarna beige



Beige and Red leather

SALE $60 (Our price $109.95)



Size 38, 39 and 40

Supportive fit, cork footbed

SALE: $80

velvet oshOSHINE by Velvet

Great everyday shoe, lovely red leather

SALE $80 (Our price $109.95)

tully x 3

TULLY by Simona Ricci

Great for spring summer parties

Wedge heel and great price

SALE $40 ($79.95)

monica brown

KARINA Mushroom by Rosetta


illy 2ILLY by Bare Traps  

Fabulous leather shoes for spring and summer

Very comfortable heel height, velcro adjustment

(white 6,8, 9 and coral 7,8, 10)

SALE $79.95 ($99.95)


DENZEL by Valeria Grossi

Great for that special night out

Beautiful soft leathers

SALE $70 (Our price $129.95)


RUSH by Bare Traps

Stretchy top with pretty metallic detail

(red 7, 10 only)

SALE $30 (Was $59.95)


ENHANCE by Bare Traps

Great for evening wear and possible wedding option

Comfortable heel height so you can keep partying

Last pair (size 7)

SALE: $60

red flower sandal

PETAL by Bare Traps

Pretty sandal that is comfortable and fairly wide

red and pewter colours

SALE $60 (Our price $99.95)


POMONA by Inuovo

A dressy look with these gorgeous colours

Our price only $49.95


BLISS by Bare Traps

Generous width, leather lining, velcro fastening

SALE $40 ($79.95)

blue punched leather mocc

BELINA by Softeez

Soft flexible and all day comfort

Our price $59.95


MILAN by Bare Traps

Recommended for special occasions needing small heel only

SALE $40

mariella red taupe sandal

CAPRICE by Mariella

Our price $99.95

Italian Sandal

Beautiful soft leather

mariella blue sandal

 CAPRICE by Mariella

Our price $99.95

Made in Italy

mariella white taupe sandal

VERONA by Mariella

Lovely soft leathers with comfy footbed

Our price only $99.95

Made in Italy


VITTORIA by Mariella

Comfy leather slide in red/tan leather

Made in Italy

Our price $89.95

MAYA Red/Tan

By Effegie

Leather, generous width

Our price $79.95

MAYA Black

By Effegie

Leather, generous width

Our price $79.95

DENVER by Valeria Grossi

SALE $70 (Our price $119.99)

JENNA by Valeria Grossi

SALE $70 (Our price $109.95)

OTRO by Boston Belle

Made in Spain

Last pair 36

SALE $70.00

OTRO by Boston Belle

Made in Spain

(Last pairs 36, 37, 38, 40)

SALE $70

BIEN by Boston Belle

Made in Spain

Our price only $80.00

HORTA by Laguna Quays

Made in Spain

Our special price $80.00

Couple Horta with an Elvas or Bien for a perfect summer

All only $80.00

Not all sizes available – won’t last at this price

APELO by Stegmann

Very comfortable slide, good arch support

(37, 39, 40 only)

SALE $80 (Our price $99.95)

LUCINTA by Stegmann

Velcro adjustment, removable insole for orthotics if needed

Our price $109.95

LUCINTA by Stegmann

Also in black


LESLIE by Stegmann

Adjustable, orthotic friendly

Our price $109.95


LESLIE now also available in navy

ESTAR by Boston Belle

Small wedge heel, lovely soft leather upper in black/pewter

(last pairs 36, 40)

SALE $60 (Our price $99.95)

JANET by Stegmann

Watermelon colour leather

Last pairs 36, 39

SALE $70 (Our price on remaining stock $99.95)

JOSIE by Stegmann

Watermelon colour leather, covered toe with back out

Last pairs 36, 38, 41

SALE $70 (Our price on remaining stock $99.95) 

BRYNN by Softeez

Great value leather shoes

SALE $30 (Only $49.95)

AKIO by Laguna Quays

Leather, navy, fairly narrow fit

Only $40

TOKO by Laguna Quays

White/Navy leather with velcro fastener

Last pairs 36, 40

Also in Bronze/White (size 37 only)

SALE $40


Last pairs $35

Size 38, 39 only  

SCANLON by Valeria Grossi

RRP $159.95 Our price $129.95

SCANLON by Valeria Grossi

Our price $129.95

KENAI by Stegmann

Leather slide

SALE: $50

Also in tan

KENAI by Stegmann

SALE: $50

FAFE by Laguna Quays

Beautiful sandal for the summer holidays

Made in Spain

SALE $60 (RRP $109.95)


Our price only $79.95 on remaining stock

ANGEL by Stegmann

Superb comfort

Our price only $60.00

36, 37, 38, 41 only 


Incredibly soft leather

(Also available in yellow)

SALE $60 (RRP $139.95) 

DECADENT by Valeria Grossi

For that special night out

Our price on remaining stock $80.00

MONET by Velvet

Leather, comfy footbed, fairly wide fit

SALE $50 (Our price $99.95)

RUE by Miss M

Smart looking, leather, fairly narrow fit

 SALE $70 (Our price $99.95)


RUE by Miss M

Smart looking, lovely red leather, fairly narrow fit

SALE $70 (Our price $99.95)

AMALDA by Boston Belle

Really cute with a low wedge heel

SALE $50 (Remaining stock $109.95)

RAVALI by Miss M

Elegant shoe

Leather upper and lining

Last pair size 36 – $50

RHETTA by Miss M

Size 36, 41, 44 only

Leather lining and upper, velcro attachment

SALE $60

RITA by Miss M

SALE $50 (Only $99.95)


A brilliant sandal from Effegie with adjustable straps

Our price $80 on remaining stock


Remaining stock only $29.95


Size 40 only

SALE $25 ($49.95)

HANNI by Laguna Quays

Pretty black and white on wedge heel, synthetic

SALE $25 (Our price $49.95) 

BERRY by Effegie

Turquoise leather sandal on comfy sole, slip on

Last pairs 38, 40 only

SALE $50 (Our price $89.95)

MONICA by Stegmann
Black leather upper on wedge heel, lovely feel leather footbed
SALE $50 (rrp 109.95)
LANDON by Steggman
RRP $109.95 Our price only $79.95 on remaining stock
Size 36, 38, 40 only 
BEAU by Stegmann
Suede leather in kangaroo colour
Last pairs 37, 38 only
SALE $70 (RRP $109.95)


RRP $49.95 our sale price $30

Size 37, 40, 42 only
RRP $99.95 Our special price $69.95
SOGO RRP $109.95
Our price on remaining stock only $50
Size 37, 38 only
KIMBAH by Boston Belle
Extremely comfortable wedge sandal
Lucky last size 38
 SALE $60 (rrp $109.95)
Now only $25.00 on remaining stock
Size 9 and 10 only
Very comfortable

CANNING by Boston Belle

Huge savings!

In Black and in Gold

Sizes 37, 38, 40 in black 

Sizes 36, 37, 39, 41 in gold

RRP $119.95 our price for remaining stock $60

ZERO by Stegmann

Our price $59.95 (RRP $99.95)

LEVI from Boston Belle Was $89.95 now $60.00

Great leather sandal. Great colour

TYRA by Stegmann

Very soft leather in brown and tan, small heel

Last pair 36

SALE $35 (rrp $99.95)

MALIN by Valeria Grossi

Elegant shoe, very popular, looks stunning!

SALE $90 (Our price $149.95)



Was $149.95 Now $80

Limited sizes

ELVAN by Stegmann

Purple leather sandal, last pair size 37

SALE $40

DONEL from Valeria Grossi

Comfortable fit, lovely leather

Limited sizes, also in black and purple



OUR PRICE $99.95

Made in Italy – superb sandal

Limited sizes


OUR PRICE $99.95

Designed and made in Italy

Limited sizes

MALIBU by Ko Komfort

Simple and affordable in black leather

SALE $40 ($59.95)



Extremely light and comfortable


OUR PRICE $99.95

Italian design, made in Bosnia

MALDA $99.95

Class and comfort

MALDA $99.95

A fabulous shoe from Boston Belle


Suede with leather lining

Another great style from Valeria Grossi

SALE: $50 (36, 37, 38, 40 only)

MANOR by Boston Belle

Comfortable fit in orange/tan leather

SALE $60 (was $89.95)

NALA by Stegmann

Leather sandal with leather lining

Velcro tabs for adjustment, sizes 38 and 39 only

SALE $60 ($99.95)

LIN by Effegie

Great orange colour leather, comfy fit

SALE $60 ($99.95)

TANY by Valeria Grossi

Black/Pewter (38, 40 only)

SALE $70

TANY by Valeria Grossi

Black/Tan (40, 42 only)

SALE $70


INDIGO RRP $99.95 OUR PRICE $79.95

ESTA RRP $99.95 OUR PRICE $79.95

EVA by Valeria Grossi

SALE $70 (RRP $159.95)

PANCHO by Stegmann
Funky looking shoe in grey leather
Sizes 36, 39, 40 only
SALE $60 (RRP $109.95)

LEVEN by Stegmann

Leather shoe with removable insole

Size 37, 38 only

SALE $69.95 (rrp $119.95)

CYNTHIA by Effegie

RRP 129.95 or price $80

Beautiful soft leather and nice cool summer colour

Note: narrow fit

CYNTHIA by Effegie

Also in taupe

RRP 129.95 our price $80

Note: narrow fit


And in black $80

Note: narrow fit

MACK by Valeria Grossi

Taupe leather, size 42 only

SALE $80 (our price $129.95)

DONEL by Valeria Grossi

Also in black and taupe

SALE $80

DONEL by Valeria Grossi

Our price $80

IVA by Effegie

Leather shoe in tan with leather lining

Removable insole, size 39, 40, 41)

SALE $60 (Was $109.95)

IVA by Effegie

Leather shoe in grey with leather lining

Really comfortable, light weight

Easy to get on and off, last pair size 42

SALE $60 (Was $109.95)

ELLE black by KMJ

For those ladies who need a bigger size

Size 43 and 44 only

SALE $70 ($119.95)

ELLE bronze/black by KMJ

For those ladies who need a bigger size

Size 43 and 44 only

SALE $70 ($119.95)

PANDI by Valeria Grossi

For that special occasion

Off-White size 38 only and Grey sizes 36, 38 40 only

SALE $80 (RRP $159.95)

DEREN by Stegmann

Fabulous comfortable leather sandal

Size 36 only

SALE $60 (rrp $109.95)

CAMILE by Stegmann

Size 36 only

Quality leather sandal in grey

SALE $60 (rrp $109.95)


Soft white leather sandal

SALE $40 (RRP $89.95)